My old fins and older fins.

(Originally posted on June 8, 2012) I haven’t been in the sea water for over two years, and tomorrow I will be there if the weather allows.

The past two years brought a lot of changes in terms of my physical, mental and even financial conditions. Although they are all still recovering, I think I should start with something easier and more challenging.

Being “easier” and “challenging” sounds contradictory, but as for scuba diving it’s not. It’s only a matter of time to get off bed and drive for an hour to see the waves, but taking the decision to return to the current is not as easy as you might think.

So I am here to jump overboard.

The yellow fins are the first pair of mine; they’re softer and easier to use. The black pair, nicknamed “frog king” by local divers, are tough in terms of it’s performance, stiffness and muscle power required to master it.

I was able to tame the frog kings without sweat in the cold sea water, but now I am not quite sure. It’s been two years and, as said, things change and maybe the sea as well. So I think I’d better off start with the yellow fins and see how everything work out.

And I’m quite sure I’ll return to the tougher ones soon.