Don’t just live in illusions that you’re achieving something.

Nowadays tech companies are very good at selling you some kind of illusions. You feel like you are making progress or having your own life improved, but don’t lie to yourself — you are probably not.

Everyday you see the apps on your phone have 15 updates, then you press the “Update All” button to complete the ritual and have a nice day fulfilled.

Every few months you realize a new phone or a new laptop that is more of a perfect match than the one you’re using, then you make the jump at a cost of US$1,000 or so…

… And feeling absolutely contained with a sense of your life being elevated to a new level (for two days or three).

What have you achieved with these? Barely.

You’re using better apps, better phones or better laptops. It’s a good thing to see the world spinning steadily thanks to the people who made those, but, as long as you’re not one of them, it’s just some kind of false satisfaction you can easily buy.

What have you achieved with these? Nothing.

So quit watching the download progress bar and imagining that you’ll be a better person after this update; or buying a new phone and you can get hold of more of the world’s knowledge or become a better communicator.

Tech companies need to create illusions to sell “unnecessities” or they’ll die, but you can’t just live in these and still feel good.

Do something, don’t just watch and expect it to happen.