Me as an illustrator and a calligrapher

Just to make a note and save a few pieces of work.

I started my side career as an illustrator over 30 years ago and had little success at that time, since there were very few graphic computers at that time and hand-drawing professional illustrators are abundant.

I was not really first-class then.

30 years later, it seems like my stuff has become something to look at and people said it’s interesting to see something that doesn’t come out from the screen, so I went on.

In the photo below, the “Diving Bear” on the left is from a colleague of mine, who is also a popular illustrator; I took her idea and did my own “violent” version as a friendly parody. 🙂

It took me over a year to get here, just too busy.

In the traditional Chinese-speaking world, painting (at of illustration) and calligraphy (art of writing) are inseparable; but I was not really good at brush-pen calligraphy although my ball pen writing is viable since I’ve tried to mimic my father’s signature on school documents and transcripts.

I picked up brush-pen writing at around 45 and gained some progress while having fun blending writing and painting.

Some friends liked my writing pieces and started to use them on artworks such as posters and book covers. The following photo is the cover of a translated Japanese novel Hiken: Yagyû Renyasai with title art written by me.