I’ve felt the Force

Just happened to find that I’ve said this in 2013:

Let me make an irresponsible prediction: Apple’s iOS-related businesses such as iPad, iPhone, iTunes, App store and iBookstore will be spun off as an independent company in about 3 to 5 years.

It’s now 2017 and the prophecy is yet to be realized. We still have some time although, frankly, I don’t think it will really happen in a year for now.

However, like Jean-Louis Gassée said in this recent article…


…Apple’s service business (mostly mobile-related) has been growing rapidly to US$27.8 billion in the four quarters before August 1st, 2017, “figuratively placing Apple’s Services 98th on the Fortune 100 List”.

Well, at least I’ve really felt the Force years ago, and I was partly right.