Taiwan’s Ministry of Interior “Occupied”

Photo courtesy of AppleDaily.com.tw

Raging people rally and sit around government buildings.

Despite the number is not overwhelming in the late-night demonstration against the government’s recent accused infringement to people’s legitimate rights and private land ownership as well as suspicious nuclear plant policies, the crowd participating the “Dismantle the Government: We People Own the Country” demonstration didn’t finish their day without further ado.

In the late night when everybody thought the people had made their point, some of them, reportedly over 2000, “ambushed” the Ministry of Interior by climbing over the wall surrounding the building and sit there to protest, and a flag of the rally was risen to the top of pole where the national flag was supposed to be in the daytime.

(In fact, the slogan on the rally flags and t-shirts says “F**k the Government”.)

In the past few year, the Taiwanese government and President Ma Ying-jeou have been criticized as “excessively pro-China” and being unduly beneficial to capitalists and fellow politicians with public resources.

Serious corruption scandals are not uncommon under Ma administration, although the president claim himself to be “as clean as water”; however the approval rating of Ma in public opinion polls had dropped to below 13% – even lower then his convicted and imprisoned predecessor.

Mr. Ma, currently visiting the Central America, cannot be reached for comments.

Live broadcast of the event: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nonukestw