A better translator is a worse thinker.

The better a translator, a no-better (if not worse) writer and an incapable thinker. I mean myself.

Under the constraints of 24-hour days and only one worn-out brain, I can think less into the things I am encountering and have literally no time to write for myself if I have to settle for a 10,000 words/day schedule as a quality yet productive translator.

True, translation is a wonderful way to force reading and to hone my comprehension to new ideas, new theories and new thinkings, and it works very well especially in the face-paced technology field; but I am still desperate to enjoy some nirvana time to indulge myself in figuring out stuff.

That’s why I always take a few minutes a day to jot down some pathetic things (like this) to keep the windows open and push myself forward.

However I also believe that I can write better once I get these all over, thanks to my career as a translator, then I can have my brain to work for itself instead of other great ones.