Orion and Sapporo

Photo: this is a nice royalty-free photo with Japanese beer and sushi. However the beer appears to be Asahi, another nice Japanese brewery.

The Japanese beer brands I like are incidentally of two extremes; not about taste or price but demography.

One is Orion from Okinawa, the most southern islandic prefecture of Japan (so south it used to be an independent state), and the other is Sapporo from, well, Sapporo, the capital city of Hokkaido, Japan’s northern tip.

The two brands share a common character: pale, by European standards. I don’t dislike stouts or ales but I usually drink pale beer where available. Pale beers get me drunk slower and go well with most food, and Japanese beers work out with Japanese cuisines such as raw fish and sushi like a charm.

Well, some midnight thoughts and they shouldn’t be further pursued. Good night. 🙂