To discover a co-founder

Jon Westenberg says it’s a good idea to find a co-founder from places such as Facebook groups.

I started three companies and never thought about finding a co-founder who I didn’t previously know, especially from places like Facebook groups.

It’s like finding a soul mate in a crowded bar. You may have some odds finding one, but most of the time, I guess, you’d end up become more confused than the time you entered.

The good thing is that at least you could take your time to observe people and think it over before making the move. The key becomes how good you are to recognize the right one rather than who you’d meet in the bar.

The choice is yours.

I’ve had bad experience, from friends and myself, on occasions that someone showed interest in your business and asked to join. The person might demonstrate ample sincerity and even offer money or resource to facilitate your business.

That would look rosy for some time, but take note: when the person starts to address him/herself as “co-founder” without your previous knowledge or consent, things turn fishy 99% of the time.

I don’t know how exactly you could find a good co-founder; but I know that no matter the “co-founder” was your friend of not, there’s a good sign of rats slipping into your boat.

I learned it the hard way.