iPhone X’s “top notch”

As I like the new features and innovations on the iPhone X, I found the “notch” on the top annoying.

I know it’s for various sensors and lenses necessary for taking pictures, measuring ambient lights and other parameters, but I don’t think (well, that’s me) it’s necessary to have the block cut into a complete rounded-corner rectangle just to make a nominally frameless screen.

Like it or not, but it’s there and it’s not new.

Have you ever noticed that many new cars have a black cluster between the interior rear view mirror and windshield? Have you ever wonder what it’s for?

Like Apple’s dimple, the cluster contains an array of sensors and cameras as well. They are for car and pedestrian detection, auto-cruising and crash prevention.

Since you’re already used to the mirror blocking a part of your front view, you wouldn’t mind something hiding behind it. But how about your phone screen? Can you live with the “flaw” as a user?