Anti-ticking trash bins in Taipei

We are now hosting the Universiade 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan. This morning when I was taking MRT (Taipei Metro) to work, I found the staff covered the trash bins on the platform and left a notice.

It reads:

For security reasons, the stainless steel bins are out of use during the Taipei 2017 Universiade. Please dispose your rubbish in the plastic bag.

So I guess it’s about “pop-up devices” that might tick (like a clock counting down, you know) and be hidden in public trash bins.

The thing that caught my attention was “stainless steel” stressed in the notice. I thought the hard metal ought to be a good thing if anything would blow up inside, but the staff thought that the protection, more or less, should be sacrificed for visibility.

Anyway, I support all efforts taking precautions against any disturbance and, after all, throwing pocket lint into a transparent, peace-of-mind plastic bag wouldn’t bother me in any way.

Welcome to Taipei, and I’d say it’s a relatively safe place to visit. I mean it.